med-nautilus offices

Maslak, İstanbul, Turkey . 2012
$200.000 Budget

Situated on the first floor of Park Plaza Maslak, this modern office has a relaxed environment, allowing its inhabitants & visitors to enjoy a fluid workspace through translucent partitions and a flexible layout.

Architectural Project | Nom Mimarlık . Şeyda Arguner Dana
Construction Management | Med-Nautilus . Erkan Aba
Mechanical Project & Execution | Üstün İşletme & Mühendislik . Kaan Üstün
Electrical Project & Execution | Tekno-El Elektrik . Yusuf Kelemci
Iron, Steel & Glass Works | Teknikel Doğrama . İlker Mildan
FlooringKaroflex by Otari
FurnitureNurus . Gözde Perk
Built-in Furniture | Gözde Mobilya . İhsan Erdoğan


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