Philographics: Big Ideas In Simple Shapes By Genís Carreras


Sometimes all you need to do to understand the big ideas in life, is to go back to your childhood. Merging graphics and philosophy in a design-conscious hybrid simply called Philography, London-based Genís Carreras has paired complicated concepts with uncomplicated shapes to create a cutting edge philosophy dictionary. Genius in its simplicity, Philography was originally borne as a series of posters explaining theories like DualismFree WillExistentialism and Idealism through using just color and shape. But as many ”-isms” were left out, Carreras decided to add more designs to the collection.

Two years down the line, Genís Carreras has now launched a campaign on Kickstarter – the world’s leading funding platform for creative projects – with an endearing pitch that seems to have captured the imagination of philosophy lovers and design fanatics the world over. ”It takes the Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy 28,250 words to explain the woolly concept of Relativism. It takes Genis Carreras 32 words and a single image. If you ask me, he doesn’t even need the text,” comments Suzanne Labarre and we’re inclined to agree. Now, after six months of intensive work, Carreras has re-worked his original idea creating a postcard box, containing a compilation of 95 philosophical theories printed on standard postcards, ready to be hung on your wall, mailed to a friend, or even used as your very own question card game (guess the philosophical theory!) if you’re so inclined!

via Yatzer


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