5 Beekman Street


via ny.curbed.com

Since Temple Court at 5 Beekman Street sold to a new hotel developer in April, the building fell off the radar a bit, despite ongoing work to convert the landmark beauty into a hotel with condos. But a covert tipster sent along 16 photos from inside the dusty old timer  giving us an updated look inside the hotel of the future. Much looks the same since ScoutingNY visited the building in 2010, but that doesn’t make the soaring atrium or original details any less impressive.

The photos give no indication to 5 Beekman Street being a construction zone, but parts of it certainly are. Permits have been filed with the DOB for the conversion from office to hotel, and the most recent permit is for the “construction of model room,” which sounds like something we want to know more about. The renovated building already has a teaser website that says the new structure will have 285 hotel rooms and 85 residences, and the hotel should be open by 2014. The website also says that there will be a 40-story tower involved, but we have no idea where that might be going. There is mention of “an adjacent site on Nassau Street,” so possibly there? If you have intel, hit up the tip line.


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