Ezra Stoller: Beyond Architecture

Yossi Milo Gallery - Artists - Ezra Stoller

Yossi Milo Gallery – Artists – Ezra Stoller.

Ezra Stoller, known as one of the most influential photographers of Modern architecture, created iconic images of mid-Century buildings that help define the cultural memory of structures such as the TWA Terminal, Seagram Building, and Guggenheim Museum. Beyond Architecture, highlights Stoller’s rarely-seen images of industry, technology, transportation, and working-class Americans in mid-Century, with images selected from the Stoller archive.  The exhibition covers the full range of Stoller’s work, including images commissioned by FortuneArchitectural Forum, and House Beautiful magazines in the 1940s and for commercial projects for IBM, Upjohn Pharmaceuticals and CBS in the 1940s and 1950s. Also included are photographs of midcentury classics such as the Catalano House; John Hancock Building, Chicago; and United Nations Headquarters.

The tour will be led by Erica Stoller and Nina Rappaport, co-authors of the recently published Ezra Stoller: Photographer.

via the architectural league ny


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