The Reconstructionists: A Yearlong Celebration of Historys Remarkable Women | Brain Pickings


Illustrated portraits of trailblazing women across art, science, and literature.

A remarkable collaboration between illustrator Lisa Congdon and writer Maria Popova from titled “The Reconstructionists — a yearlong celebration of remarkable women across art, science, and literature, both famous and esoteric, who have changed the way we define ourselves as a culture and live our lives as individuals of any gender.”

It started on January 6th 2013 with abstract-expressionist painter Agnes Martin(March 22, 1912 – December 16, 2004). Then came American author and art collector Gertrude Stein(February 3, 1874 – July 27, 1946), Austrian-American Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr (November 9, 1913 – January 19, 2000), French-Cuban writer Anaïs Nin (February 21, 1903 – January 14, 1977), Sister Rosetta Tharpe and American cartoonist and author Lynda Barry (born January 2, 1956).

Very refreshing and inspiring, as everything else from brainpickings.


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